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Christmas Eve Yesteryears
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Welcome to "The Night Before Christmas
...50 years ago

Let me share some Christmas Eve yesteryears. When our children were small, we had a favorite booklet of "The Night Before Christmas."

Our five children are grown now and have families of their own. Since there is just one copy of the book, I am posting it here, along with some special memories and traditions. We hope that the grandchildren and great grandchildren can enjoy it also.

We descovered very early, that when our children began to leave and then come back home for Christmas, one of the things they looked for first, was if I had the book in the Christmas display.


Santa's picture as seen here, is on the front cover of the little book "The Night Before Christmas".

The poem is a dear memory to me. Would you believe that I once sang in the High School "A Cappela Choir" in Boise Idaho? It was tradition to present the Chrismas program in the State Capital Building.

The Choir would serpentine down the stairs from the Capital Building rotunda singing "The Night Before Christmas". I was the choir person chosen to whistle we sang "to his sleigh gave a whistle."

When I was a senior in High School, they broadcast the program from west coast to east coast. I have had fun over the years telling the story of how I "Whistled From Coast To Coast."


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