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Christmas Eve Yesteryears
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"The Night Before Christmas"


The children were
nestled all snug
in their beds,

While visions of
sugar plumbs
danced in their


Yesteryear Holidays: Copyright 1998-2001 by Georgene Humphries

Our thoughts return to memories of our bright family yesteryears, they come bringing reflections, as we live again our early childhood.

Visions triggered by the aroma of food and cooking turkey appear, mixed with mincemeat, pumpkin, fruitcake, and other favorite foods.

I find I am back at Grandmas, once again in my child mind's eye, memory of our yesteryears returning as if happening again this year.

Yes we did it all, as memorialized in many happy yesteryear songs, for our holidays too, to grandmother's house we did joyously stear.

Our 1930s Christmas sleigh, was dad's loaded Model T, lumber truck, traveling over mountains and valley, it must make it's ponderous way.

Our depression times dictated that we make only necessary trips, We must travel over slush, snow and muddy ruts, making all trips pay.

On one such remembered trip, our sleigh came to a cold deadly stop, No gas, was the awful verdict, stranding us on a high mountain peak.

Our sleigh having labored over snow, used our gas, to the very last drop, still miles from grandma's house, stalled, our Christmas eve looked bleak.

The night was black, no friendly lights, came into our searching view, the family stranded, waited, huddled, feeling deserted, cold forlorn.

Our loving Dad set off walking, on foot, through snow, darkness too, hours later, grandpa to our rescue, came blowing his welcoming horn.

Finally our arriving, into bright wreaths of lights, casting iridescent magic, into a world, filled with colored light wonderment, we now did stray.

Greeting us the aroma of Christmas treats, Fir Trees, standing adorned with candles blazing,

then waiting breathless, for packages arriving from Santa's delivering sleigh.

First, we must make a Christmas Eve Trip, looking for Santa in night time sky, ...a time for Santa to deliver gifts, secreted from places where they did hide.

Back home again ...under tree, a Shirley Temple Doll for me, and a set of china dishes too,

Brother Hubert had a snow sled and a miniature steam roller ready to ride. Big cousins rolling giant snowballs, hallowed out for us little ones, inside to hide.

Our little eyes, full of wonder, watching grandpa stuffing the Turkey bird, all night the smell of turkey cooking, warm kitchen, by aroma and activity made alive.

Christmas morning greeting us, house cozy, heated by pot bellied stove, ...Grandma making the house ready, Christmas company, beginning to arrive.

The table now was extended , stretched seemingly, to unimaginable links, meanwhile in the kitchen, wood stove heavily laden, holiday food tempting our eye.

Each new family's arrival, contributed their food to the mountainous fare, we and our cousins, exploring, snatching olives, rolls and our fingers in the pies.

Afternoons ringing with our laughter, family tales told and news exchanged, The cousins, ringed round the dinning table, playing games into the night.

Pipe smoking fathers and uncles gathered round the radio, football dominating their world. So passed away family gatherings, leaving memories of yesteryears bright.

So ...I begin the 2000 Christmas Season, ...sharing good memories, and sending, for you to enjoy too. Georgene

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