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Alaska Trip 2000


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Whirling Puffin


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I took many pictures at the John Hopkin's Glacier.
I'm not sure where this is, but I really was there
and took the picture.The day was dark and gloomy
but I was able to edit to bring out the color.

6)The next morning 9 Sept, we were on our
way to Seward where we boarded the Princess
ship for lunch. Terry was ready to lie down
again and so T-Jay, Jim and I were off to
see a an Alaskan Sea life Center. We took
pictures and enjoyed a leisurely afternoon
exploring. One little bird called a "Puffin",
was the star of the show and did a whirling
dervish dance for us. I took three spectacular

I was able to go out and walk as I was wearing
my magnetic insoles and a magnetic patch on my
knee. I still can't believe I was able to walk well
enough through out the trip to enjoy all but
extended walks as long as I walked slowly and
was careful not to twist my knee. I was sure
glad they provided shuttle service at each town
so one could catch a ride when and where you
needed it.

Sep 10: College Fjord - Cruising only:
Ironically the ship passed by the College
Fjord in the early morning hours and so I
have no special memories of that site. We
spent the day on the Princess as we cruised
the inside channel. A particularly gloomy
day dampened us ...but not our spirits.

The tour offered such a variety of shows,
videos, presentations by Michael a young
man who had braved 2 years of the wilderness
and presented his slide shows with narrative.
His style reminded us of what a close encounter
with Jack London, must have been like.
Another speaker, the first woman to win
the Alaskan Dog Sled Marathon, came on
board and presented a lecture and slide show.


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