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Alaska Trip 2000


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More Alaska Trip 4

Boat ride.jpg

Left: As we cruised Lake Kenai, I captured this picture from the back of the boat. Copy Right 1996-2001 Georgene

5)We then continued by our coach to the beautful Kenai Pincess Wilderness Lodge traveling along Cook Inlet and Turnagain Arm, then through the Chugach National Forest . The driver did a running dialog and told stories. Every time we stopped he came down the isle and counted noses. He told us he had at one time did a visual count from up front and then he missed one person.
"I felt pretty confident counting from up here" he said. "However we got on the way one time and a passenger raised a hand and told me there might be a passenger missing. Sure enough the person who had been sitting near her was not in the seat." I ask "...can anyone identify who the person is who is missing," No one could, so we faced a real problem. Finally a man stood up and confessed it was his wife. "I just figured she could catch the next coach" he said with a red face. "Sure enough we got on the radio and found she was on the coach behind us."
Along the way we were treated to a visit with the Orca Whales as they rolled, dove and other wise frisked around in the lake as we drove along. The driver said it was curious that they were out there as they usually were not seen there. The majesty of the Kenai Mountains held our attention as we travelled the 100 miles.



Above: "Elk-Winkle"


Orca Whales

We visited an animal refuge about 30 minutes from Kanai. The animals that were injured in any manner were kept here until returned to the wild.

Our favorite was an old Elk that had been injured to severely to go back to the wild. They had placed food in a galvanized tub in a horse trailer for him. We wanted to get a good picture but try as we might, he remained in the trailer. He was so huge that his whole hind quarters stuck out of the trailer. He was the size of a horse. I edged to the front of the trailer trying to get a picture of his muzzle through the front of the trailer. His eyes were only a couple of feet from the camera with his huge rack of horns above them. One of my special memories is of that Elk's eye peering out at me. I dared not use the flash that close to his face, and so did not get the picture I wanted.

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