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Besheers Clues-By Given Names


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"Henry Alexander Brosseau"
1780-1892 .... Henry of Middlesex County, Cambridge, Mass. changed his name from William R. GIBBONS
(Ref: Names Changed in Mass.1780-1892 GS #974.4 E6m )

Could it be a coincidence that there are two men names Henry Alexander Brosseau (BROSHER-BRESHEAR?

After I found this Henry Alexander Brosseau, I placed the book (Name Changes In Mass.1780-1892 GS#974/4 E6m) back on the shelf deciding surely it had nothing to do with our ancestor Henry Alexander Breshears as seen in South Carolina.

But insight had placed an image in my mind. I have learned from experience that when I have a flash of "Insite" I had better pay attention. This image haunted me all week The name HENRY ALEXANDER BROSSEAU super imposed in large letters
on a raised block, a beautiful graphic.

So the next week I went back to the library and was unable to find the book again. All the next week the image haunted me. So ...the next week I went back to the shelves again, this time broadening my search into Massachusetts. As I looked at the locality it dawned on me this person William R. GIBBONS was within 7 miles of Boston, at "Cambridge."

We need to look at the original court record for other witnesses. Who is to say whether Henry Alexander Brosseau (Henry Brosher) went up to Cambridge for school, and took land in South Carolina with William Braisier of Abbieville as registerred in the Deeds index?

In the "Andreas Papers" there is a South Carolina land record where William Brashier (sp), of Abbieville SC , is selling land to one HENRY BRASSEAU. It also reflects a John BRASSEAU Sr. I wonder if the three men registered as William Sr., William Jr. and Henry BRESHEAR have roots back to Cambridge.

I can visualize a sister (mother of William Gibbons)married to a Gibbons (may not be of Mass?) who had a son who changed the name from Gibbons to Brosseau in order to qualify as an heir in the military grants of Tennessee after 1783.

Or maybe the mother with maiden name Gibbons married a Brosseau, he died and she raised the children Gibbons.

Well ...this sure is intriguing! If you are where you can do some research into the records of Cambridge please give this mystery a hand. I know who many of the Braziers are in that area. They descend from GEORGE BOURCHIER alias BUNKER.I have many records of this family but we need to start with the Gibbons/Brosseau connection.


I am focusing on Isaac Allerton as a possible clue to the HENRY ALEXANDER BROSSEAU. Is this a "Clue" to establishing our forefather of Henry Alexander (Bosher) Breshears who d 1829 in Lawrenceburg TN.

Isaac Allerton, Merchant is described as aged about 53. The will is recorded in New Haven Conn where he died between Feb 1 1658-9. when he appeared in court as defendant in a suit brought to compel the payment of an old debt, and the 12th of the same month, the date on which his inventory was taken
(New Haven Prtobate Records, Vol 1, Pt 1, p 82-83)

Below is the account of depts at the DUCH.

Henry Brasser and Isaac Alerton may be found at Albany NY with Henry using the spelling of Breser. Looks like Henry of
New York?


Agreement of Henry Breser to take over Philip de Truy's house and land on the conditions agreed to by Nicolaes Stillwell" shows that Philip had left his house in the 1640's but was still alive Feb 1649 [1650 modern style? or was that adjustment already made by the Dutch?]
"Before me, Cornelis van Tienhoven, secretary of New Netherland, appeared Henry Breser, who acknowledged that he had taken over from Nicolaes Stillewel the land and dwelling house of Philip de Truy on the same conditions as Stillwell agreed to with said Philip, promising to fulfil the said conditions made by Stillewel with Philip de Truy in all respects, so that Philip may hold him, Henry Breser, responsible as principal in regard to said contract provided that Stillewel shall deliver in March to Henry Breser as many palisades as are required in front along the road and from the land to William Goulder, and by the middle of March 1651 provide the three other sides with new palisades, which Stillewel must deliver at his expense on the strand near Mr. Allerton's. Done the 8 of February 1649." marks of Breser and Stillewel, acknowledged before CvT. [In the margin is written: "not paid."]
"Power of attorney from Cornelis Segersen to Philip de Truy to demand ten beavers from Jacobus van Curler"


Charles ask me recently if I knew where the middle name of Alexander came from in Henry Alexander Breshears name. I think I can come up with a land grant that has Henry A. Br (a)eshears. Other than that I really don't know where it originated from.

I recently ran across one "Henry Alexander Brosseux" (in the Index for those who were at Plymouth (I am searching for the book again as I had to leave in a hurry and missed the reference number ). I wrote the name down along with a will of Isaac Allerton (Ref: The Mayflower Planters - GS Bk 974.4 H2h) who rented a room to one Henry Brasser. I think it is this Henry who is progenitor of the New York Clan.

I really don't know what to think about this Henry Alexander Brosseax . I have been camping on
the internet to see if I can find any thing else. I have found where Isaac Allerton removed into New Haven Conneticutt and then on into New York. I am gong to post this and some other info to my webpage

Will of Isaac Allerton

At a Court of Magistrates Octob. 19. 59 (1659)

A writeing presented as the last will & Testament of Isaac Alerton, late of Newhaven deceased,

wth an account of certaine debts, dew to him; & from him;

An account of Debts at the Duch (Dutch?)

first, 700. & odd gilders from Tho: Hall by Arbitration of Captaine Willet, & Augustine
Harman; about Captaine Scarlet wch I paid out,

And there is 900 gilders owing by John Peterson the Bore, as by Georg Woolseyes booke will
appeare; & severall obligations thereto,

ffrom Richard Cloufe owes, as Georg Woolseyes Booke will make appeare; I thinke 900.
gilders, but his Estate being broken. I Desire that what may be gotten may be layd hold on for

Due from william Goulder 270, od gilders, by his Bill appeares;

Due from John Snedecare a shoomaker 150, od gilders as by his acco appeares.

from the widdow of the Hanc Hancson due as by severall Bills & accounts;

Peter Cornelioussen 120. od guilders as by ye account will appeare.

Due from Henry Brasser for rent for 28 moneths, from the first October 1656. to the last of May
58: for three roomes at 3 gilders a week. I am in his Debt for worke of the old acco wch must be Deducted;

156 Isaac Allerton's Will and Inventory.

there is 20 li in George Woolseyes hand, that came fro. mr Tho Maybue (Mayhew-GH lineage - who mentions John & Edward Bracher in his will?) for mee

There is 420. oaf. gilders that I owe to Nicholas, the ffrenchman, & a Cooper I owe something
to, wch I would have that 201; in Georg Woolseyes hand, & the rest of that in Henry Brassers
hand to them two;

And now I leave my son Isaac Allerton and my wife, as Trustees to receive in my debts, & to
pay what I owe, as farr as it will goe & what is overpluss I leave to my wife and my sonne
Isaac, as far as they receive the Debts to pay what I owe;

In Captaine Willetts hand. a pcell of booke lace 1300 & odd. guilders Wch I left in trust with
Captaine Willett to take care of: Seale

My brother Bruster owes mee foure score pounds & odd. as the obligations will appeare.

Besides all my Debts in Delloware Bay & in Virgenia wch in my booke will appeare, & in
Barbadoes. what can be gott; Witness.
Isaac Allerton Senior
John Harriman

The enventory of Alleton's estate seems to indicate that he cared little for religion or books. Not a book is listed, not even the usual Bible. Both the will and inventory are short and extremely of a "business type."
The main item of inventory is "Imp" the Dwelling house, Orchard and Barne wth two acres of meadow." there are other items such as "a pcll of Tubbs" "8 Jarrs," "1 pre of Ondirons," "3 Iron potts," " a pcll of wearing cloaths," "2 sowes," "4 piggs," "a bedstead," "a pre spectacles" and a few other articles.

The general opinion that Osaac Allerton was a hard driven business man, seems to be amply proved by a study of his will. The extensive ramifications of his business interests is apparent. He was a "Merchant Adventurer," and probably a close follower of the "Virginia Company" especially during the Sandy's administeration on 1618-1619 and 1620.

In fact he was a real builder and leader, with plenty of initiative. sound judgement and practicle omagination, traits which were quite common among the early "Planters in New England."


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