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Besheers Clues-By Given Names
Edward of Streap


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In the Pennsylvania records left by the Bezer (Beaser) family it is indicated one of the places the family came from was "Streap", (England or Wales?) Another place refers to their having come from Northern England. At one time The Quaker John Bezer was arrested while in Bristol England. His place of residence when he came to Pennsylvania was "Bishops Canning", Wiltshire, England. Come with me as we explore places on the Internet that may yield some yet undiscovered "Clues" to this family.

Per Beezer Gen. by Hannum in PA St. Lib. -
Variously spelled Beazer, Bezer or Bizer, of Bishops Canning, Wiltshire, Engl., son of Edward and Jean Bezer, of Strett near Marlborough, Wiltshire, Engl., arrived in Pa. with his wife Susanna WITHERS, sister of John Withers, either early in 1682 (according to Smith, Hist. of Del. Co.) or on 12-2-1682, which is the date given in an old BEZER BIBLE. They settled in Chichester (now Marcus Hook), Del. Co. PA. John Bezer died shortly afterward between Sept. 13 and 25, 1684 and Susanna d. before or in 1693. Insert "WILL".)

He was patented 200 acres of land in Concord Twp., Del. Co. Aug. 4, 1684, but, according to Ashmead, he did not reside on the estate. He was one of the Commissioners appointed by William Penn to lay out the City of Philadelpha. He was a member of the Soc. of Friends and was severely persecuted in England for his religious convictions. Before leaving England he was engaged in business as a maltster.

The BEZER FAMILY BIBLE, dated 1551 was in the possession of James Phillips in 1887 whose wife was Eliza Lamplugh, a direct descendant of John and Susanna
(Withers) Beezer. It seems there must have been 2 sons whose name was John for in the records of the Wiltshire MM there is a record of the burial of John Bezer, son of John Bezer, of Canning, at Devizes, on 7 27 1668.
The male line of John Bezer became extinct with his two sons, viz., John Beezer, who married twice but had no children and Richard Beezer, who died unmarried.
(insert Richard's Will")
The lineage of his Father Edward and Mother Jean Lawrence BEZER are the subjects of this study.



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