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Besheers Clues-By Given Names
Clues-Tom Bushaw


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2 Thomas's and 2 Williams in Will

From Norfolk County Virginia (Caswell & Persons Co NC) to Spartanburg

!1730..."Maryland Calendar of Wills", pg165, Will abstract for BUSHAW
[BASHAW] Thomas: 16 Jan 1729/30; 20 Apr 1730. To two eldest sons
GARRET and WILLIAM, 100 A. :Hoggs Down," bou of GILES BUSHAW; and
sd. sons dying without issue, sd land to pass to 2 youngest sons. Daniel
CORBITT to live on sd. land for 5 years. "son THOMAS and hrs., 100 A.
dwelling plantation__________; sd. son dying without issue, to pass to
youngest son WILLIAM; and personality. "youngest son WILLIAM and hrs.,
70 A. adj. to plantation bought of GRAVES JARRETT [GARRETT?]: sd. son
dying without issue, to pass to son THOMAS. "wife ANN, extx.,
personality. "four youngest children viz: THOMAS, WILLIAM, ANN and
ELINOR, residue of estate after wife's thirds are deducted. Test: DANIEL

*** JOHN COLLINS [Georgene's ancestor], appearing as closely allied to
this family is circumstancial evidence of family affiliation - GH ***!Named in
will ["Maryland Calendar of Wills",pg 165].

Dear Georgene,
You know I told you I would help you with your Bashaw line out of Norfolk
Co., VA. Since we last corresponded, I have found some data

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