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My Wind Song 3

Eagle Wind Song

Wind Beneath My Wings

I have walked quite a path, in the seven weeks since the diagnosis of return of my cancer. The blessing I had was comforting and I know all will be well the end. Many days I have felt like I was running into the wind. I have told myself daily that I must be writing my experiences as they happen, many of them unique. However, the prompting has not come to me and so nothing about my health has flowed from my pen, ...that is, until today.

My Wind Song

Today, seven weeks later, ...I have the wind beneath my wings. The spirit is lifting me and carrying me, as my spirit soars and flies above earthly concerns. Unless you have felt the Holy Spirit testify to you, there is no way it can be explained. Suffice it to say, ...any darkness that has been lurking in my soul has been replaced with holy light ... The Light of Christ.

As the Spirit has caught me up and taken me soaring into realms higher than an eagle can dare to fly, I have pondered on an experience that happened this morning. I think this tale of faith, hope, and charity deserves to be told.

One of our favorite Monday morning activities is going down into Hagerman Valley on the Snake River, and swimming in the natural hot springs there. The drive is so peaceful and healing to the soul, that I really look forward to the trip. There are wild birds in sanctuary along the road we travel. We saw over a thousand wild geese last week and always see many varieties of birds. I treasure a family of Eagles that have made their home on the rock bluffs above this Snake River Cannon. The Eagles speak to my inner child soul.

As I think about my cancer, it would be easy to envy them their seemingly unhampered flight into the far reaches of the far beyond. Yet must remember that even they are on the brink of exstinction from outside circumstances. Never the less, the words to the song "Wind Beneath My Wings" comes to my mind and I sing along.

The flight of these eagles, as I watched them, was what I had been thinking about as I arrived at the pool. The pool is relatively small and usually there are no more than six to eight people swimming when we arrive. The last month or so I have noticed a little man that has joined the group. Jimmy, my husband and I have visited with him briefly in the past several weeks.

This morning he came to swim beside me, as we made laps up and down the pool. "I have a question I would like to ask you," ...he said. I have to confess that I have been a little unsettled about encouraging him, because it is obvious his life path has taken him on much rougher by-ways than mine has. He is an old cowboy, ...his appearance, the real thing. I doubt if he made it through school. He probably sought company in the local bars and lived in bunkhouses as a ranch hand, all of his life.

Never the less, I replied " may I help?" His reply "...I have been thinking about hypnotism and I wonder if somewhere back in my life, I may have been unknowingly
hypnotised. I have a darkness inside. It's lurking there might be explained then, ...that is, where it came from. What do you think about hypnotism?"

I hesitated momentarily, and then replied. "If you are really interested in my opinion, I will give you an answer." He said to me "...I have prayed this morning for the Lord to send me someone who might help me. I think you may be the person."

I explained to him "...anytime we take into our body such things as liquor, drugs or even be hypnotized, we loose control of our ability to make decisions for ourself. Satan then has an opportunity to step in and direct our body and mind while we are away." This man is a great one for quoting scripture and so I reminded him that even the swine cast themselves into the lake rather than have the spirits that had been cast from the possessd man, enter their body. I explained that the Lord was there to carry him through his darkness and lift it from him. All he had to do was ask for the help. It is not the Lords plan for us to walk alone in this life.

I then told him the story about the Maestro and the Child.
"It seems a young mother and her young child were waiting to hear a piano concert. The young mother espied a friend across the room and turned to the child, admonishing him
"...sit here quietly for a moment! I want to go say hi ... to my friend over there."

She was no longer gone than the child decided to explore. Leaving the seat, the child went across the foyer and entered a door that was marked "Do not enter."

Mom, returning, discovered the child was gone. Searching high and low did not reveal the childs whereabouts. It was time for the curtain to go up and still no child. Then the curtain parted and revealed the stage, she was appalled to discover the little one sitting at the Grand Piano and playing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star. As she was leaping from her seat to go to the rescue, the Maestro himself walked on to the stage, leaned down and whispered into the ear of the child.

The Child continued to play as the Maestro reached around him and began to cord with one hand. The Child was delighted kept playing. The mystro who was standing behind the child, then reached from the otherside, ... around the child, ...thusly accompanying him ...their music together filled with majesty.

And so it is in our lives. We are reminded that the Lord will carry us in his arms, if we but give him the chance. When we tackle a challenge in life we are like a child learning the music. With the Lords help we too, have it in us to become Maestros in the song of our life.
[ From the Ensign-Rewritten by Georgene Humphries Feb 2001]

He said he wasn't understanding the story, I reminded him it was just another such story as "Foot Prints In The Sand." That he understood. I was not sure if he was being touched in the spirit by what I had discussed with him. He always has a lot to say, some logical and some not logical.

I decided to get on with my swim and took off overhand to do some laps. This is a good time to meditate on circumstances. I stopped at the other end of the pool and said a prayer for him, asking that the the spirit might lift the darkness from his soul. Someone was swimming beside me and commented "...listen to Old Bob, something has sure tickled him. He is really laughing." I listened and he was. And then catching upto me he said "... I feel so good that I just have to be laughing out loud. Thank you for administering to me. You were the one I was supposed to talk to today!" I reminded him it was not me but the Lord that was ministering to him. I then told him I had prayed for the darkness to be lifted from him and said "...the Lord does move in mysterious ways. Laughter comes from a healthy soul.

There was other conversation and in the course of it I ask him " know I have cancer, don't you?" He said "...he did not." I explained " I did not worry about the cancer because I had been promised by the Lord that he would allow me to fill my full measure in creation before he would take me. If I was to be taken in the near future, then it was because the Lord knew I had accomplished my full measure in creation."

About five minutes later he swam back to me and stated are healed of your cancer, the Lord has just told me this as I prayed for you. You deserve to have that blessing because of the way your life touches others. I thanked him, and he stated he would gladly shoulder my burden if the Lord would allow him to. I replied ...that was a beautiful sentiment, but the Lord does not expect us to shoulder the burden of others. The Lord is ready and waiting for us to ask him to shoulder it for us.

Now ...I wait the final week before I go to get the verdict of how my cancer is responding to treatment.
From within, I am filled and over filled with the spirit as it supplies the wind beneath my wings this day. Thank you for letting me share my thoughts and ...Cheers Georgene.

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