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Count Down to August

Wind Song 1

My Wind Song 1

Because of the dream I had that said" may not be here in August", I decided to leave this LOG of events by month beginning in January.

Come along with me as I make this Journey!

February: I have mailed the following information to fellow researchers.

Look below: Wouldn't this be a perfect solution for all of us with insurmountable Brickwalls? Fellow Researchers: Here is the URL for the study for linking lineages using DNA.<>

Times News: BYU Assembles Database To Help Track Bloodlines

REXBURG (AP) - A drop of blood may help people finally fill out their family tree.

Many groan at the idea of pouring over ancestral charts and searching through endless databases, but Brigham Young University's molecular genealogy researchers may have found a way to simplify some of that work.

The scientists say people are linked in family trees based on genetic markers. Ancestors can be traced in pedigrees based on DNA that reveal relationships that are not detectable in genealogies based on names,written records or oral traditions, said Scott Woodward of the

What we are able to do is take the genetic information and assign it an ancestral home, he said. Last March, BYU's molecular genealogists began collecting samples
in Utah. As of Jan. 31, they had 8,085 samples in the United States and 6,990 around the world in countries such as Oman, Egypt, England, Peru, Bolivia and Chile. They intend to take 100,000 blood samples in the next four years. The esearchers are in eastern Idaho this week. To participate in the genetic testing, people will be asked to donate blood and bring a four generation pedigree chart com plete with dates and places of birth.

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Dear Georgene,

We will need extensive pedigree information to determine whether we can
answer your question. Please forward all pedigree information and identify
possible relationships you would like to test. Your cancer treatment should
not affect your DNA for this study. Thanks for your interest in the
molecular genealogy program.

Joel Myres

Research Associate
Molecular Genealogy
Department of Microbiology
775 WIDB
Brigham Young University
Provo UT 84602


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