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Count Down to August
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What a whirl wind we have had around here. I feel like a whirling dervish. I would not have it any other way however.

While at the Conference at BYU we slipped over and registered with the DNA project. I actually took them my PAF Data Base as a platform for them to work from.
As of 1 May I have not heard back from them.

My computer blew it's memory and has had to be repaired. It actually had to go back two times. If you are wondering where I've been ...that is where!

I guess I had better bring you up to date about the "BIG C."
I was taken off Tamoxiphen which did not work. My cell blood count was up 27 points <:-{

I was then given a prescription for Arimidex which I took for two months and my count was up ten more points making a total of 97 points all together. I am continuing with the Arimidex along with herbal therapy. I found product called MGN-3, which is an Immune enhancing Complex that I take. I will be checked again on 20 June.

We had a very nice Mother's Day. We went to the park here in Jerome and listened to the "Old Time Fiddlers."
Shari and Clair were here for two weeks. Shari had totalled out her car against a cement abutement after another little 86 year old lady was hit in the other lane. Her car careened across Shari's lane causing Shari to hit her car before crashing into the cement abutement. We had to deal with a slight concushion and whip lash for her two weeks stay. She is now back in Arkansas trying to decide where her life's path is going to lead her. Tom has ask for a separation.

I have saved the best for last. Our grandaughter Kellie is in College at Pocatello Idaho. One of her assignments is to do a live interview of a Lady of her choice. She chose to interview Georgene and so made the trip to Jerome for that purpose.

She taped the Oral Interview and them we copied several video tapes that Jim and I had done on the family previously. Her paper after a lot of hard work bring ito gether, was a success

I have gone back and written an account of circumstances surrounding her birth. A Beautiful Windsong.
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