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Count Down to August
My Wind Song 2

Impressions From My Soulvoice.


My life in the year 2001 has started with the news "your cancer has returned."

When this diagnosis was given, it seemed to fit in with several other things that had happened at the end of the year 2000.

A Short Tale:

I was sitting in the Chapel at Sunday service about a year ago, listening to a little friend give her missionary farwell. She was just finishing up her talk when I was taken by surprise.

Inspiration flashed in to my mind, saying to me,
" had better go tell Sarah good-by, because you may not be here when she returns."

Sarah's mission will be up in August 2001. I am now taking an anti-cancer drug called TAMOXIPHEN. I feel quite well and so will be shareing the experiences of my life up through August of 2001.

The Lord has promised that I will fill the full measure of my creation, before he takes me. It should be interesting to see where I am in August.

Remember ...the message said, "I may not be here." It did not say why or where. I have learned long ago that must not second guess the Lord's directives.

...I do know this message had to be important.
...I needed to know this directive for a purpose.
...I suspect it has to do with the "Wise and Glorious Purpose" that he has sent me to accomplish.

Some of my stories I will be posting in these pages will have to do with that purpose. These will be of a spiritual nature.

I invite you to come along as I take this walk.

Cheers ...Georgene


This is the second week of February. In fact my wedding aniversary. I have been having the most awsome experience.

I have ask myself, just what did the Lord want me to know about August?" I am going to post some impressions here that I think might come to pass.

Sometime in August there is going to a magnificent family reunion! This will be beyond the ordinary! Skeltons will come tumbling from the proverbial closet! I may even be involved with the organization of that family reunion in some manner.

I seem to be having some insight into this projet! I was given in vision a happening that I would be involved in. It was very vague and abstract but I could recognise a graph that I was doing something with. I now interpret that graph to have something to do with the DNA reports.

You ask " is this going to come to pass?" and I reply "...I do not know but given the fact that I have had that old dragon "Cancer", pop into my life again, maybe I'll be gone for real. At any rate ...I'll be involved in something magnificent, somewhere.

9 February:
This has been a most astonishing week. Is it a fulfillment of the promise? The local newspaper wrote up a report on the DNA project going on at BYU. I called to find out about it and they told me the testing was going to happen at Idaho Falls this Saturday. My heart sank because one just does not chase off to Idaho Falls when the weather is dictating the travel you do.

Next I put a find on "google" and came up with the URL for the DNA project.

I have sent email to a number of email lists to inform you researchers that you might just be able to have your DNA read at a location near you. Please go to the link and check the localities near you where other conferences will take place.

This could truly be the most glorious and purposeful activity we can do in our lifetime determine who Henry Alexander Breshears' posterity come from.

Please go to a conference near you and have your DNA read.
May the Lord bless us all in this endeavor.


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