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Pennyroyal Kin
Beshaw - Etheridge Clues

From Norfolk County Virginia (Caswell & Persons Co NC) to Spartanburg

!1730..."Maryland Calendar of Wills", pg165, Will abstract for BUSHAW
[BASHAW] Thomas: 16 Jan 1729/30; 20 Apr 1730. To two eldest sons
GARRET and WILLIAM, 100 A. :Hoggs Down," bou of GILES BUSHAW;
and personality;
sd. sons dying without issue, sd land to pass to 2 youngest sons. Daniel
CORBITT to live on sd. land for 5 years. "son THOMAS and hrs., 100 A.
dwelling plantation__________; sd. son dying without issue, to pass to
youngest son WILLIAM; and personality. "youngest son WILLIAM and
hrs., 70 A. adj. to plantation bought of GRAVES JARRETT [GARRETT?]:
sd. son dying without issue, to pass to son THOMAS. "wife ANN, extx.,
personality. "four youngest children viz: THOMAS, WILLIAM, ANN and
ELINOR, residue of estate after wife's thirds are deducted. Test: DANIEL

*** JOHN COLLINS [Georgene's ancestor], appearing as closely allied to
this family is circumstancial evidence of family affiliation - GH ***!Named
in will ["Maryland Calendar of Wills",pg 165].

Dear Georgene,
You know I told you I would help you with your Bashaw line out of
Norfolk Co., VA. Since we last corresponded, I have
found some data that might help you. I believe it is possible that you are
on the right track with them. As you know, GarrettBashaw (son of
Thomas, (the first) out of Somerset Co., Maryland) md the dau of
Elizabeth Etheridge. Garrett Bashaw and wife had a son, Thomas Bashaw
who wrote his will in Norfolk Co. 1789, probated 16 Mar 1781. Thomas
names his wife, Mary, and one son William...then mentions other children
(but not by name). Here is some marriages I found that names might
mean something to you.

In Princess Anne Co., VA (which is located next to Norfolk): William
Beshaw md. Elizabeth Fitzgerald 2 mar 1796. I believe this is the son,
William mentioned in the will.

Apparently the widow of Thomas got md again and the following marriage
is her: Mrs. Molly Bashaw md. in Norfolk to John Harvey 28 Apr 1791.
You will notice she did not wait long after Thomas' will was
probated...this was not unusual in that day.

Elizabeth Bashaw md. 28 June 1794 to William Williams in Norfolk. (the
one who wits. Thomas' will??)

John Beshaw md. in Norfolk Co., to Frances Millison 31 Mar 1798. (could
be another son of Thomas).

Henry (Harry) md. in Norfolk Co., to Mrs. Fanny Hill June 5, 1816. (since
she was a widow it may have been a second
marriage for him also?)

I do not believe that Garrett Bashaw and wife ___ Etheridge had but the
one son as I have record of him going back to
Somerset Co., Maryland to settle his father's part of the property that
had been in the family for over 100 years.

I believe you are on the right track with this clan of Bashaws (and their
name spelling got changed, but not really drastic) as no other records
have been found for them elsewhere. I will keep my eye out for you for
them. As you probably know NC is a hard state to research....My
husband and I both have some lines going into early NC.

Best regards, Mary E. Price

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Old Ninety Six Dist., South Carolina Bef 1790.
THOMAS BESHEWS free white male 16 years and up. This is a BASHAW connection?

Norfolk VA , Will Book 111, 1788-1802 (Clayton Libr. Houston TX) Clayton Library Call #Gen 975.5

Norfolk County, pp. 70-70a, Executor: Wife Mary Bashaw
Wife: Mary (Etheridge) Bayshaw.
WILL ...Thomas BAYSHAW (BASHAW), 16 May 1789 - 16 May 1791.
Wife: ...all horses.cattle, hoggs, mill, chests, chairs, beds, spinning wheels, pots, pewter, cart &
wheels, frows & gear; corn, meat, peas, fodder.

SON: ...William BAYSHAW, Young mare "Blase", with her increace from time son is 21 years -any
incr. before then, ?May (Mary?) Bayshaw.
(Note: The other children were Henry and George BASHAW of Norfolk VA and Caswell NC,
descendants of )

Item: Rest of Est. to wife dur. widow h'd to maintain the "CHILDREN" on. If she marries then all to be
sold -she to have 1/3 & rest eq. div between all my children. Price of mare to be taken from William
Bayshaw's pt. Wife to sell what she can spare best to pay debts, but not carry into Court-for Est. not
worth it, only to prove Will.

WTN: James Oast; Elizabeth Bayshaw Proved by Wtn. & Ord to be recorded.

MOSES SUGGS WILL: pp 73, 73a; 15 Jan 1790-16 May 1791, Norfolk County. Ex'r: Keader Old
To Mary Etheridge (above) 5 barrels of corn, 1 barrel of Pork; 2 wheels 1 (Con't next page-missed


Fauquier County Virginia Connections

28 May 1761 Deed Book 1 page 235-237 James Beshaw accepted Apprentice Bond of James Williams Fauquier County doth voluntarily and of his own free will and accord Accept himself apprentice to James Beshaw to learn his art or trade or mistery. Signed James Williams and James Bashaw Wit Dan'l Bradford, Thos. Keith, Wm Oldham
28 May 1761

This was about a year before Francis Taylor married James Bashaw. I wonder if the William OLDHAM may be a connection to the William BRADSHAW of Surry County NC. Elizabeth Oldham is mentioned in the Deed.(insert)