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North Carolina Clues

Roster of NC Soldiers in the American Rev

Giving location and to whom deeded and date of Warrant, within the limiats of the lands alloted the Officers and Soldiers of the Continental Line, by law, 1783, 14 Oct.

The lands allocated in 1783 are seen in the book "North Carolina Lands In Tennessee.

Ref: Index to Roster of NC Soldiers in the American Revolution

...BREACHERS, John: pg 107
Looks like this may be JOHN BREAZIER desc of William and Elizabeth (Clayaton) BRESHEARS.(BEZER)

The pioneers who went to Missouri in 1819-1842, included one John Breashers (Correct Spelling ).

The records indicate there was one JOHN BRAZIER who had heirs who took his land as per his "Deposition for Spoilation By The French."
(See Missouri Locator-by Georgene)

Roster of NC Aoldiers in the American REv, pg 283

...BRAKER (Bracher), Matthew 640 acres ser 84 months Caapt McNees

Others listed in Index:
...BRACHEN, Joseph PG 296
...BRACHEN, Samuel PG 70
...BRACHEN, Issac PG 110

Ref: Ibid, Comptroller Office Vouchers Vol-V pg 210,
...BRATCHER, Thomas # 5570, Wilmington Dist

...BROCHER, Michael # 3961,

Roster of NC Soldiers in the American Rev, pg 238
...BRATCHER, John PT: Issued to his Heirs
# 1125 640 acres Service 84 months issued Jul 28
William BUSH

Ref: Roster of the CONTINENTAL LINE from NC

Ref: NC State Records, Clarak, Vol XVI, 1782-1783
...BOZER, Thomas Thompson's Company
Enlisted in 1777 1st Reg-Col Thos Clark
Served : "W" (Duration of War)

Others on list:

...John BERRY
...Col John BROWN

Ref: Roster of North Carolina Soldiers who served in athe Amaerican Revolution.
BRIZN(h)ER. Henry, deceased, 640 Acrtes Heirs
Served 84 months under Colonal Phillips

I have not been able to locate this record but it sure is suspicious that there was in actuality a HENRY BRASHEAR (sic) who shows in NC records athen diappeared.

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Roster of NC Soldiers in the American Rev, pg 238

Grant # 3659 service 84 months
...EPHRIAM BRATCHER 640 acres by d'd to Duncan Stuart, esquire

BRADSHAWS LISTED in Index of Roster of NC Soldiers
...John BRADSHAW: PGS 264, 403, 405,509
...Jonas BRADSHAW: PG 441; 572
...Robert BRADSHAW: pg 571
...John BRADSHER: PG 508

Roster of NC Soldiers in the American Rev, pg 70
...BRACHER, Samuel Pt.11/2 years; discharged Nov 77
4th reg-Thom POLK
William's Company

I have always thought this to be Samuel of LAurens Co., SC. May be son of William BRADSHAW OF Abbieville SC.

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