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Missouri Locator

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The tradition for the Breshears who settled Missouri is
"There were seven brothers who removed from Lawrenceburg,
Tennessee, via Ox Carts. Of those 7 brothers we can see the relationship to our line of BREASHEARS between the following men.

...John Breashears Heirs (if this is John of St. Louis he would have been to old to be John Breshears who married Neoma Ann Hogg.

...Henry A. and Eleanor (Hardin) Breshears heirs,
...William and MAry (Clayton) Breshears heirs,
...Middleton Breshears Heirs
...Nathan Breshears Heirs

Then we have the AQUILLA BRASHERS clan who settled in Ceder County, adjacent to Polk County.

Here I might put a group shot from the reunion.

Family at a party; Actual size=240 pixels wide

Here I might put a picture of all of us catching up with each other.

Family at a barbecue; Actual size=240 pixels wide