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Soulvoice Snippets
Skelton In My Closet 2

Memoirs Class (VU)

Skelton In My Closet 2
By Georgene Humphries © Aug 2001

Another friend wrote the following. She knew me only from my writings as we both belong to the same Virtual Writer's Guild.

Lessons from Georgene:

You have shared with our group stories and poems that contain lessons for living. I want you to know that I appreciate them.

Thank you, Georgene, for the lessons you have shared.

You wrote a story about your mother's experience of seeing generations of family on "the other side of the veil".
I learned how strong you are in your faith.

Thank you, Georgene, for showing me the power of faith.

You wrote a poem about your own faith, of climbing a mountain to a peak called "Love and Service", of recognizing that the path would not be easy. I learned that you would not be deterred by tough times.

Thank you, Georgene, for reminding me where to turn when the path is rough.

You wrote a story telling how you cared for a family of strangers who found themselves stranded in a blizzard.
I learned that you live your faith in providing love and service.

Thank you, Georgene, for setting an example of a living faith.

You wrote stories of your childhood.
I learned the source of your values.

Thank you, Georgene, for showing the importance of family values. Your stories about your family have shown love, joy, humor, problems, and grief. And your foundation is love.

Thank you, Georgene, for reminding me to be thankful for family, and always to remember Corinthians 13

You wrote descriptively about your home area.
I learned of your appreciation for beauty.

Thank you, Georgene, for teaching me to appreciate the beauty around me.

You wrote about preparing enormous meals, and of fund raising projects you have undertaken. I learned of your willingness to work without expectation of reward.

Thank you, Georgene, for reminding me of the importance of working without caring who gets the credit.

You have written many stories related to your lifelong work in genealogy. I learned that you honor your ancestors.

Thank you, Georgene, for sharing your life stories with our group. We have laughed, shed tears, and have been amazed and delighted. And I have learned. Shirley© Petri

A forth thing was a caution: I needed to stay close to the Lord because I would be "tried." This caution was scary as I contemplated what trials would come my way. However, because of the blessing of faith and testimony, many times I have been carried on the Lords shoulders and I have been spared the anguish and worry in almost all cases. I discovered that the trial comes before the blessings in my life.

Yes ...I have been tried! I have been blessed in doing so.

Next I would need to have patience with my husband, as he endeavored to grow in the gospel. My children often said "...I existed on a different plain that he." His understanding of the saving ordinances has come slower than mine. I have learned patience in life. I've had people tell me that I was one of the most patient person they knew. That is a hard earned blessing. I hope not at his expense.

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