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Soulvoice Snippets

My Glorious Purpose

" ...for a wise and glorious purpose, thou hast placed me here on earth."

(Text above from LDS Hymn ...Oh My Father)

In these modern times, families tend to be scattered all over the country, if not the world. One of the goals of this web site is to help our family stay connected even though we live far apart.

Skeleton In The Closet:
By Georgene Humphries Aug 2001

I Am Who?

"...I am who ?" I said, as I looked my cousin twice removed in the face."

"This is the picture of your mother," she said, as she pointed to my Aunt Ethel, my dad's sister.

"No" ...said I, I descend from Lester, Ethel's brother."

"But my family have always known Ethel was your mother", she said again, reemphasizing the message once more, as she jabbed the picture of Aunt Ethel with her finger.

"No" ...I said feeling a little confused, "my parents are Lester and Myrtle (Lenaghen) Eytchison."

"But family have always understood your mother to be Ethel," she reiterated punctuating each word with her voice, and looking me in the face, to help me understand the message she was conveying." You can go talk to my Dad Bill Breshears and he will tell you who you are", she said.

I had just recounted a little family history to the group at the Breshears picnic and had pointed out that I am my own third cousin. I had made the statement:

"...My two Breshears grandmothers, Lavada and Minnie Ann, descend from two Breshears brothers, Thomas H.B. Breshears and Andrew Jackson Breshears, sons of John Breshears born 1793/5 in South Carolina." I guess the family thought the time had come to set me straight, about who I really am.

As the message finally sank into my understanding, I said, "I think it would be best if you ask your dad to tell you specifically what he knows ...and write it down. He might be more prone to talk to you than to me."

"OK ...I'll get back with you," she said. I was relieved since I definately did not want to open a conversation to that effect at the picnic.

Needless to say, this situation has been discussed pro and con as we have considered the probability. Here are my thoughts about my parentage.

Con't: GeoLife: ..I am who?
By Georgene Humphries Aug 2000

About Being Adopted

Let me tell you, ... who I am! As I have walked the path of life, I have been very much aware of being led by the Holy Ghost. In fact people are quite often astonished at some of the experiences I have been led through by this most Holy Comforter.

I am convinced that I have walked a very particular path in life that I was foreordained to in the spirit world before I arrived into mortality. Therefore whether I am, or whether I am not adopted, is not relevant to know. I have merely been lead along this foreordained path these past 68 years. That is when I took time to listen !

In 1957 I was baptized into the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints (Morman). I received a special blessing in 1962. That blessing has served as a road map, a kind of blue print for me to follow through mortality. I would like to take the opportunity to analyze the experiences I have had by cross checking to see how that blessing has been fufilled..

First of all in the blessing , I was informed that Father-in-Heaven was pleased with my activities in life as of that 1962 date. That was a real comfort to me as I made the decision to go to the temple and be sealed with my husband and family for time and eternity. It is an awesome step to take and most particularly as I did not have parents who were members of the LDS Church. The blessing gives me the same reassurance in the year 2000, as I have been told I was adopted. If I was acceptable then, so far as my parentage was concerned, I am acceptable now, since circumstances have not changed.

But let me backup still further in my life's time line. For some reason when I was very young, I had the urgency within, to find out and understand the Holy Ghost. As I investigated the various denominations in our community, the spirit whispered to me very strongly, that I needed to know more, and particularly about the Holy Ghost, before I committed to membership in any denomination.

At one time I was scheduled to be baptized into the Methodist Church, where I had attended all through my teens. When my brother Hubert and I went for the ceremony, I could not take the step. The Small still voice, my SoulVoice, (the Holy Ghost), prompted me to defer until I understood what I needed to believed more fully. So time passed, I was married by the minister in the Methodist Church. I felt I needed to be married by clergy.

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My life in the year 2001 has started with the news "your cancer has returned."

When this diagnosis was given, it seemed to fit in with several other things that had happened at the end of the year 2000.

A Short Tale:

I was sitting in the Chapel at Sunday service about a year ago, listening to a little friend give her missionary farwell. She was just finishing up her talk when I was taken by surprise.

Inspiration flashed in to my mind, saying to me,

" had better go tell Sarah good-by, because you may not be here when she returns."

Sarah's mission will be up in August 2001. I am now taking an anti-cancer drug called TAMOXIPHEN. I feel quite well and so will be shareing the experiences of my life up through August of 2001.

The Lord has promised that I will fill the full measure of my creation, before he takes me. It should be interesting to see where I am in August.

Remember ...the message said, "I may not be here." It did not say why or where. I have learned long ago that must not second guess the Lord's directives.

I do know this message had to be important.
I needed to know this directive for a purpose.
I suspect it has to do with the
"Wise and Glorious Purpose"
that he has sent me to accomplish.

Some of my stories I will be posting in these pages will have to do with that purpose. These will be of a spiritual nature.

I invite you to come along as I take this walk.

Cheers ...Georgene

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My husband was a member of the Mormon Church but very disinterested about anything to do with religion. His mother, Leo had kept her brood of 8 children going to church until her death when my husband was about 11 years old. His family who were virtually non-active by the time I joined the family, terming them selves "Jack Mormons" having fallen non-active. One sister Beulah and her family were active in the church and I admired her family immensely.

As our young family began to arrive, I felt there had to be more to life than what we had at that point. I literally yearned to know more of the Holy Spirit. Our life was good as we began to grow together. However, we attended the Sabbath on holidays only. I am an avid reader so every type of book that came my way about various beliefs I read. Theology and Theosophy, Judaism, Buddhism and others were explored. Nothing spoke to my soul.

Then came a day when a friend came to my house bringing me canned vegetables from her garden. She happened to mention that she had to hurry because she was making a meal for the Mormon Missionaries that evening. Out of the clear blue, I knew I wanted to talk to them. I said to her ... "my husbands family are supposed to be LDS, and I'd like to know what they really are supposed to believe."
His step-mother, a non-member, would bristle and go into a tirade whenever the Mormons were mentioned in her presence. I did not feel comfortable asking about the church in her presence.

So the next day, the Missionaries came knocking on my door. As I opened the door, I had a flash back; I knew I was seeing once again by insight, led by the spirit, two young men who had knocked on our door when I was about 12 or 13. An image came strong and clear and I knew and saw myself turning another pair such as these away from our home, back that many years ago. I had been cautioned to never allow anyone into the house when I was there alone. The image of the scene was imprinted indelibly in my mind.

Now ...this many years later, I invited another pair of young Missionaries in and we visited about their message. I told them I would very much like to hear their discussions but I doubted that my non-active husband would listen. They suggested that we ask him. It was that simple. When I told him my desire, he suggested he would like to hear their message also. They left a Book of Mormon and went their way, promising to come back the next week. As I began to read, my spirit began to soar and fly. I read several books also at that time such as "A Marvelous Work And A Wonder", "The Great Apostasy" and a history called "Ancient America And The Book Of Mormon."

All the questions that had lurked in my sub-conscience for all my years of growing up were answered. I knew who the Holy Ghost was and knew his mission as the comforter. I finally had made connection with my eternal destiny.

The blessing I had in 1962 advised me that I had been given the gifts of Faith and Testimony. I knew from my experiences in life by then, that I was indeed as the Missionaries had called me "A Golden Contact."

A second thing I was told was that I would understand the Principals of christianity, far beyond my comprehension to understand at that time. This has come to pass. I wonder where I would be in my understanding the principals of the gospel, had I really applied myself at a younger age.

A third thing was: I was to "affiliate my self with the Auxiliaries of the Church, for there were many who would look to me as their ideal, as I exemplified the Gospel Plan."

A friend gave me a small book and wrote on the fly page, this much treasured comment.

"MY NEIGHBOR, MY SISTER, MY FRIEND", as she gave it to me when I went down with Cancer several years back.

Dear Georgene ..neighbor, sister, friend are more than all of these ...mentor, teacher, witness of the fullest part of the fullness of the gospel, and always example" May the Lord bless you for all your goodness! Thank you for being you!" Love C. Callen

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